These simple tips to overcome WiFi ‘weak’

These simple tips to overcome WiFi ‘weak’

Usually, the network speed will depend largely on the package that you are using. However, after a long time, the ability to browse the web, watch movies and play games through the Internet began declining status and sometimes will make you upset.

simple tips to overcome WiFi 'weak'

Typically, the network speed will depend largely on the package that you are using. However, after a long time, the ability to browse the web, watch movies and play games through the Internet began declining situation and sometimes make you upset. There are many causes for this including the provider does not guarantee quality of service, degradation of the router, the device numbers start rising faster WiFi, load balancing inferior or simply wave power from being absorbed by the devices in your home …. And to avoid more discomfort (affecting health), you can follow the way below.

Restart your WiFi Router

The WiFi Router restarts is something that many think of when you’re pressing with the Internet, even, this is one of the tricks that the technical support staff, reminding you every time the network has shown signs of slowing, lag . Why is that?

The reason is that the router will heat up after a long period of use with great intensity to influence the quality of emitted electromagnetic waves led to the network connection becomes unstable and unsteady than initially . Then, let rest a little router by turning it off (or to be more careful as to withdraw to the source) to “cool down” from 30 seconds to 2 minutes (depending on the time of your job) and then restart.

Find other router placement is more appropriate

When employees to install the system provides internet for your family, they often leave a lot to be able to customize wire position so that the most favorable. Usually there will be criteria to ensure quality WiFi waves include not placed next to the metal object, placed in position as high as possible between the device and the router to ensure fewer obstacles as possible . Special attention to the civil equipment for large magnetic fields as refrigerator, television, microwave, … can cause interference, which affects the quality of the transmission line. Altitude also need to ensure that the easy replacement and installation of new equipment.

Using WiFi Repeater

Today, users have a solution to expand your home WiFi network with a compact device and without having to set up an extension cord dragged on just a lack of aesthetics. That is the effect of a WiFi Repeater (also known as the stimulus wave).

Repeater will receive the router’s WiFi and playback with high intensity in order to expand the sphere of influence of wave. Repeater particularly effective with high-rise buildings and equipment used at the same time.

In addition to purchasing a repeater, users can use two routers of the same category, the same manufacturer to be able to relay, but this was so unsteady, especially when sharing IP range for the device.

Control devices WiFi connection

The Router is sold out with many recommendations for different number of connections, if you are using a WiFi modem that provides network operators, this figure is very low, generally only 4-6 devices only. Therefore, to operate casinos WiFi stability, avoiding latency, lag. you should turn off unused devices such as tablets , smartphones to spend the entire laptop.

Monday, the control of devices connected also to know how many people are using the “Pagoda” by going to your home WiFi router’s administrative and count the MAC strips are connected.

Network bandwidth control

Your task is simple, take the “shop” watch family members are doing and have occupied the bandwidth or not. There will be no surprises when the network is slow going because someone is downloading movies on your Chrome tabs tens or IDM is down game over. Doing this will help to limit the network traffic load when you request the download of those who stopped but remember that “one of the nine fast that which is good” offline.

Contact your service provider

When all the above embodiments are not effective, then perhaps the last way is to call your ISP’s support center. Meanwhile, the staff will guide you how to fix it and there are plans to settle with techniques to restore network traffic as the original. Of course, for reasons such as the submarine cable break must accept until repaired completely.

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