These tips for the Mac maybe you don’t know

These tips for the Mac maybe you don’t know

A few of these Mac tips are a little crazy! But they work.

Did you know that? In your Mac’s more than you think. For example, you can turn off the annoying messages or files to clean up quickly.

A few of these Mac tips are a little crazy

Here are our top tips for the Mac.

desktop clean Up

To turn off notifications on the Mac desktop

Apple believes it is a good idea to display a message on the desktop when new e-mails and other events. These communications terminals Although the right of the screen and take hardly any space. But with every new message you are briefly distracted from his work.

After all, Apple is aware of this and build a “do not disturb” function. A button which generally eliminates the message center but there is no.

But there is a trick!

To trick “Do Not Disturb” from

Open System Preferences and click it to communications.

In the left column you not see the icon interfere. If that is not active, click on it once so that it appears in blue.

In the right pane, you will see “Do Not Disturb” enable the option. Put a check mark in front of: and enter a start time of 00:00.

Then you put the time in to: to 23:59

Then close the system settings and you calm before the releases – except during exactly one minute, namely the 23:59 to 0:00 PM. If you want, you can still see at all times in the messages by clicking on the message icon on the right top of the screen.

To prevent the Mac calls reports on your Iphone

Once the iPhone is close to your Mac ringing the Mac on every call with your iPhone. This putative feature is called “continuity” and is present on newer Macs and newer iPhones. In itself this is a practical offer, especially if you eh sitting as the headset on Mac.

But it can also go a pretty annoying.

off entirely iPhone calls on your Mac

Fortunately can be switched off the Klingeln if you do not want to take on the Mac talks. The path leads through the program FaceTime, you need to start on the affected Mac.

Select in the menu items FaceTime FaceTime – settings.

Next, locate the option iPhone mobile network calls.

Remove the check mark in front of the option and close FaceTime again. In future the silent Mac, once you get on your iPhone a call.

Sensible recharge is especially true when multiple Macs are near the iPhones with the same ID. Otherwise, it can be quite noisy.

Only disable iPhone ringing on Mac desktop

Perhaps you are among those who would like to take calls on the Mac counter, but interferes with the ringtone on Mac. Again, there is help. You can leave separately ringtone namely.

You can open your Control Panel on your Mac and select it releases.

Then, in the left hand column, select FaceTime and remove the check mark in front of sound for notifications play.

Although a message After appears on your screen when the iPhone rings near your computer. But listen to the Mac no ringtone. This also has the advantage that you can hear ringing your iPhone and better places.

Usually a key combination to send your Mac to sleep quickly

If you do not need your Mac just, send him into hibernation. Then the Mac needs significantly less power.

That’s how it works:

Hold down the [old] and [cmd] simultaneously.

Then touch briefly on the on / off of your Mac. On Macbooks see these small round button on the top right above the keyboard. In iMac the key inserted at the rear of the housing.

But there is a more convenient way.

Comfortable on the eject button

If your Mac has a DVD drive, it also has an eject button on the keyboard. The following is the far right top of the keyboard. On the button, you see a triangle with a horizontal bar underneath.

To sleep the Mac, you can then send [alt] and [cmd] button and tap once on the eject button.

The works the same as the on / off button on your Mac and turns the Mac into hibernation.

To keep the Time Machine backup on the Mac

The backup program of Apple Computer’s Time Machine. It turns on once every hour and saves newly added and modified files. This is handy, but sometimes also interfere enormously.

Because the Time Machine consists always in motion, no matter what you’re doing on your computer. If you then but also perform extensive work, for example, large amounts of data need to copy to your hard drive, Time Machine slows tremendously.

So if you disturb a backup at work, you can simply interrupt it. Just click on the top right of your screen on the Time Machine icon. This is a stylized clock, around which a circular arrow to rotate.

Then click Stop Backup. The backup will be interrupted immediately.

Do you want to take the backup to a later time, click again on the Time Machine icon, and then click Back Up Now.

Alternatively, just wait an hour until the backup starts again automatically.

clean up files on the Mac conveniently

Files to clean up the most, by being stored in folders. So far, so familiar. The Mac makes it easier with Mac OS X this work a lot.

With the Mac, you can select multiple files and slide from the context menu these files to a new folder.

To clean up the files, first select the files.

Then click with the right mouse button on one of the files.

Then select the first entry New Folder with Selection. (If the entry does not appear, the files are not marked).

After clicking Mac OS X creates a new folder and move the files to it.

Then enter the folder another name. Done.

To correct a color cast to your Mac

Sometimes, the photos have a color cast. You can correct that quickly and easily with your Apple computer – even without expensive add-on program.

All you need is the preview that is on your Mac computer case.

Open the image you want to correct, with a double in the preview. (If you have not set the preview as the default program for images, click the right mouse button on the image, choose Open With and then preview.)

From the Tools menu, select Color Correction.

It appears a small window on the screen, where you will find the controller temperature.

Slide the Left or Right until you reach the desired color image.

After changing asks previewing what you want to do with the change. To overwrite the original image, select Unprotect. If you want to save the contrast change in a new version of the image, click Duplicate.

Quick Preview for Video and Images

On Apple computers, there is a quick way video films, photos or music to look directly from the Finder out.

Move the cursor to the file you want to watch or listen. then press the spacebar. The file will then be played or displayed as a preview.

Incidentally, this also works with multiple files. Then to add to preview additional Next and Back -button, with which you can scroll.

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