They bring empty boxes of Apple Watch Apple and leave with $ 5,000

They bring empty boxes of Apple Watch Apple and leave with $ 5,000

An American duo has developed a subtle plan to steal money easily in several Apple Stores in the United States.

There apparently is no longer necessary to wear a mask or be equipped to steal money from a store. Two Americans have indeed proved recently and are currently being sought by police. They managed to get illegally over 5,000 dollars (4,563 euros) from Apple store employees. To get there, they simply brought empty boxes of Apple Watch into believing that they were very much present …

apple watch sport unboxing

We do not know all the details of the ploy, but the US site Cult of Mac reports detail the principle used: the two individuals brought in an empty store Apple Watch box wrapped as new and directly asked for a refund. To their surprise, the staff found out a few weeks later that these boxes were actually … empty. These boxes were stuffed with various small items to give the illusion of a new box containing the connected watch.

The two accomplices have bought whenever new Apple Watch probably they sold on the black market without the original box. They then used these packages to be reimbursed.

According to the US site, the two thieves repeated the operation several times in more than ten different cities in California and Nevada. They have not yet been arrested but are actively sought by the police.

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