This 5 tricks to help you when writing with the iPhone

This 5 tricks to help you when writing with the iPhone

This 5 tricks to help you when writing with the iPhone

Writing in the iPhone text is not very easy. But our tricks will help – at least a little bit 🙂

to write longer texts on the iPhone keyboard is tedious. But there are a few tools that offers the phone. We have listed the most important here.

Double spacebar for the point

At the end of a sentence is – mostly – a point. But that can be found, depending on the keyboard layout only indirectly. It is much easier to double-tap the space bar. Then, a point and a space appear. You can then immediately continue writing with the next block.

disappeared proposals

The iPhone makes when writing like suggestions. This can save a lot of work. But sometimes the suggestions are gone. This can have two causes:

moved suggestion box

With a wiper can wipe out the suggestion box on the screen keyboard of the iPhone – sometimes accidentally. In such cases, it can be seen only a small white bar above the keyboard.

The problem can be fixed easily. Slide the white bar slightly upwards. Then the word suggestions reappear.

suggestions disabled

You may have accidentally disabled the proposals. This can be fixed easily. Open to Settings – General – keyboard. Look for suggestions and turn on the option. Then the proposals are to be seen again.

complement domain endings

When typing the domain name in the Safari browser you can type the many domain (.com or .org) save. Hold down the period key longer. This will open a small list of domains from which you may choose.

revoke entry

If you have typed a text and thus are dissatisfied, you can revoke the entry. This is similar to the undo button for programs on your computer. To make an entry mistake, you shake the phone. It may take awhile until you find the right Schüttelstärke.

Have shaken properly, a dialog box in which the command can be undone appear.

typing Emoji
Without Emoticons missing chats an important part. But today meet long gone simple emotes like 🙂 or :(. The generation Whatsapp wants Emoji. Good thing the iPhone this has on board.

You need to find. And so that you easily get to your Emoji, we have provided small image-by-image-tip for you together. The trick: For the emoticons are available on the iPhone its own keyboard.

Here we go. 🙂

Emoji on iPhone Step by Step

1. Go to the home page of your iPhone and then tap Settings.

2. Select in the then appearing list, select General.

3. Now tap once on keyboard … … and then again on keyboards

4. Open the Add a keyboard.

5. Scroll the list down until you see the entry Emoji. Tap once to add this keyboard to the list of installed keyboards.

The keyboard will appear in the list under the German keyboard.

Use the Emoji keyboard

To use the Emoji keyboard, open a chat or a document, for example, a note on the iPhone.

Once you tap it, the emoticon keyboard switches.

Now you will see the emoticons and can insert by tapping into your document or the chat window.

Note that there are several sub-headings in the emotes that you can switch on the buttons at the bottom.

With these devices and programs Emoji works

From an iOS device to another, or on Mac computers sending symbols is working fine. Even Android smartphones seem to support Emoji.

In Windows there is a little on the respective application. In e-mail programs like Thunderbird look at the symbols, but in a black / white version. With Skype, for example, appear only empty squares instead of characters.

So Try it out simply, with which communication partner Emoji works. Where it works, you definitely have a plentiful supply of beautiful icons.

You may leave a comment, if the system is available on a particular device. So other readers can inform where Emoji is supported everywhere.

Once the screen keyboard the iPhone appears, see the bottom left a small globe.

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