Thousands of broken phones: the Apple iPhone destructive way to court

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Thousands of broken phones: the Apple iPhone destructive way to court

Apple deliberately destroyed thousands of iPhones are mass spawned a class action lawsuit in the United States.

Apple might be brought against the United States class action because the company has changed with software updates to iPhone users phone permanently unusable, says the British The Guardian .

A US law firm PCVA has asked for a software update for iPhone stricken phones to contact the owners to raise a class action against Apple.

after Apple distributed last fall iOS 9 operating system update thousands of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones seemed to just “Error 53” code, and are no longer able to restore to working order. Supplied with the phone, users may have lost the data stored on them.

Software update is destroyed by phone, if they are harvested as Apple’s motion adopted by the other and shall be replaced with a new home key .

According to Apple, this will protect users from fraud, for example, Apple Pay service.

Apple has its own keys Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, which is used, for example, Apple Pay confirm the charges. Users money and security would be at risk if the phones would install fake Touch ID sensor.

On the other hand harvested phones are often worked for months after the repairs without problems, and only Apple software update changed the phone inoperable.

– We believe that Apple is trying to deliberately force people to use their own repair services, which cost more than other garages, stated in the law firm PCVA’s website .

Law According to the company, Apple wants to make money by selling expensive spare parts on the other hand, consumers with less-expensive devices corresponding parts.

Interview with a lawyer according to The Guardian, Apple’s action may violate the laws of Great Britain.

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