Three ways to quickly translate the iPhone in power saving mode

iPhone power saving

Three ways to quickly translate the iPhone in power saving mode

PowerSaver came with the release of the iPhone operating system iOS 9. Thanks to him, the device can receive an additional three hours without recharging. This important and useful function should always be on hand, so we offer three quick ways to activate the energy saving.

In power saving mode the device reduces the frequency of the processor disables background downloading data in applications, automatic updates and some visual effects. The usual method involves activating the switch on menus iOS. Option conserve located under Settings -> Battery. MacNews proposes to consider ways to accelerate this process.

With Siri

One of the fastest ways to activate power saving on the iPhone. You need only ask the Siri. Call voice assistant prolonged pressing Home and give it the appropriate command. If you have enabled “Hello, Siri!ยป, It is even easier with voice assistant call and say “Turn power saving mode.” In this case, you do not even have to pick up the device.

The switch in the control point

Users of devices with jailbreak tweaks can use CCSettings. With the help of low power mode switch can be placed in Item Management.

Application Workflow

Developer Graham Spencer created a handy widget for Workflow, which shows the current battery level, asks the user to incorporate power-saving mode and opens the menu item battery, which require feature included in one touch.

Workflow application available in the App Store . After installation, launch the program, check out its capabilities and optionally configure workflows. Run any process created within the program by using double tapa.

A quick way to activate a particular scenario involves the use of a widget Workflow Message Center. The user must open the tab today, go to the bottom of the list and click Edit to add a widget application. Now you can simply touch the icon in the widget saving mode and press OK. This will open a section of the menu Battery.

Now you know the three ways to quickly activate a low power option on the iPhone. You’ll, of course, trigger Siri, but tweaks needed and Workflow application for those who prefer not to use the voice assistant Apple.

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