Tutorial: How to reduce data consumption on Android?

 tips to reduce your data usage on your Android smartphone

Tutorial: How to reduce data consumption on Android?

Our data consumption is exponentially today. Between web browsing, social networking, email, watching videos and uploads, many mobile users who regularly exceed the fair use imposed by their operator. Pending the arrival of truly unlimited offers, here are some tips to reduce your data usage on your Android smartphone.

If you want to avoid over-consumption of mobile data, a simple solution is offered to you: regularly disable mobile data. This may seem brutal to those looking to get their email and other notifications permanently. If you do not want to get there, here are some tips to reduce your data consumption.

Reduce the use of data in the background

Your data consumption does not occur when you use your mobile. Many applications update themselves in the background without any action on your part. This is the case of your email, Facebook or Twitter for example. Refreshing Facebook data is not essential and could be activated when launching it. To do this, go into the settings and uses the data (the wording may vary depending on the mobile).

You then go to the list of data-intensive applications. As you select which you want to restrict. It will update again when you are connected via WiFi.

Disable sync your accounts

Automatic synchronization of your email accounts in the background is perhaps not mandatory. Indeed, the smartphone is always connected with the Google server to check for new messages. Why not disable this automatic and perform the update of your email (or other accounts) yourself? For this, management settings for your smartphone, then Accounts, then click More or on the Action Overflow (3 dots on the top right).

Enable Chrome Data Saver

Google has set up an interesting feature in their web browser. The data saver functions like a VPN, and pages viewed from the mobile are going through Google’s servers to be compressed before being redistributed on your mobile. Note that this compression is not taken into account for the pages in SSL or private browsing. Nevertheless, it saves precious MB on your package.

Data compression with Opera Max

Opera Max is an Android application that compresses all data entering and leaving the phone. Opera servers intercept then the information (text, images and video) to compress so that the user uses less data. Opera Max can compress both a web navigation that use an application such as Facebook, YouTube or even Netflix . The application then saves about 50% of its data plan.

Do not allow the updating of applications in WiFi

The update of your installed applications is not necessary and can wait until you are perfectly connected via WiFi. To disable the ability to update your apps 3G or 4G , go to the Play Store and Settings and Auto update apps. There, several choices are available to you: completely disable the automatic update apps, allow it to any time or only WiFi. The final choice being the wiser, to be always up to date without blowing your data plan.

Change the quality of streaming on Spotify / Deezer and YouTube

music and video streaming applications are major consumers of data. It may be fashionable to reduce the quality of streaming within the parameters of Deezer or Spotify. On the video side, YouTube is also very consumer data, and it is possible to directly limit the broadcast quality video. To do this, go to YouTube settings, general settings and finally “Limit the use of mobile data.”

Applications running offline

Please consult our GPS applications selection working offline to save even a few hundred MB on your package. Also consider the applications to store data for offline viewing, as does very well Pocket for consultation.

Different applications available on the Play Store reduce your data usage. The most popular is Onavo Extend, which is responsible for compressing all data before sending them on your smartphone. Its use is however not recommended for video or streaming.

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