Tutorial: How to try Remix OS on your computer?

Tutorial: How to try Remix OS on your computer?

Originally planned for mobile devices, Android has been adapted by Jide Tech for office use. The result Remix OS is embedded natively on the Mini Remix , but can also be downloaded and installed on almost any computer. Here’s how to install this Android derivative on yours.

Remix OS on your computer

As promised, Jide Tech has put online for anyone who wants a first version of Remix OS . Still in alpha, this system can be used easily by creating a bootable USB drive. Easy to access, the procedure requires only a few quick steps and is not destructive to your current operating system. Understand is that you can at any time to restart your computer and look for Windows / Mac OS / Linux environment.

For if the preparation of the USB is designed for Windows, it can then be launched from almost any computer with an AMD or Intel x86 compatible, whether old or new, because even the current x64 systems include games 32-bit architectures instruction.

Prepare the USB stick

The first step is to visit the site of Jide, in the section Remix OS for PC , and download the file named Remix OS for PC Package.

The archive is in the form of a ZIP file to decompress the location of your choice. Inside you will find three files, including a RemixOS-USB-Tool-xxxxxxx.exe which, as its extension suggests, is designed for Windows and thus will require Mac OS and Linux users to create a partition or to go through an emulator.

Run it and follow the instructions. Under Windows 10, an alert window may open informing you that “Windows has protected your computer”. Click on “More Information” then “Run Anyway” button to continue. When Remix OS USB Tool asks an ISO file, click Browse and go for the Remix_OS_for_PC_64_xxxx_Alpha.iso file that was contained in the archive.

Note that your USB drive must support FAT32, have a minimum capacity of 8 GB and be in the 3.0 standard. In addition, a write speed of 20MB / s minimum is recommended. Tested on a USB 2.0, the OS is installed correctly but was not recognized when starting the computer.

Booting OS Remix

Once the installation is complete on the USB drive, restart your computer. Upon restarting, repeatedly press the button allowing you to enter your computer’s BIOS (ESC, F1, F2, F8, F10, F12 or DELETE depending on configuration). In the BIOS, go to the “BOOT” section (following motherboards, this section may have many names, such as “Boot order” for example), and change the order of the sequence (with the arrow keys and F5 and F6 keys) to the USB (USB Storage Device) is before the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) where you installed your operating system.

Save your changes and exit the BIOS (F10 -> YES). Your machine will then restart and boot from the USB drive by running Remix OS!

On Mac OS, the boot is easy since it is sufficient to press the Alt key (Options) to start to have a choice between different boot partitions. Choose “Windows” (representing the USB drive) will take you on Remix OS.

At startup, Remix OS will ask you to choose between the Guest Mode and Mode Resident. The first offers a clean system every launch, without saving changes, while the second will save all your changes. You are free to choose the one that best fits the experience you expect Remix OS.

using advice

At first launch, Remix OS is set in English and recognizes your keyboard QWERTY. For the switch to QWERTY, go into the settings (Settings) and in Language & input. In Language, select French (France), and the physical keyboard section click Configure keyboard arrangements and choose again French. And now, your keyboard is QWERTY!

Update: To enjoy a more complete system, you can also install the Play Services , so the Google Play Store.

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