Want Your Laptop Durable and Not Fast Damaged? Notice This

Laptop Tip and Trick

Want Your Laptop Durable and Not Fast Damaged? Notice This

Laptop is a device to support the work or tasks of users. Often laptops are used all day and taken traveling.

Taken from various sources, the following things should users consider if you want to have a laptop that is durable and not easily damaged.

Avoid Placing Laptops on Mattress

Placing a laptop on a mattress is not a good idea. Therefore, the laptop has an air circulation system, which is throwing hot air to keep the device temperature. When placed on the mattress, hot air is difficult to get out and turn back inside the laptop. This is what causes the laptop more quickly experience heat.

Avoid Closing Laptop LCD

Closing the laptop’s LCD should be avoided if the device has been used for a long time that resulted in the laptop becoming hot. Because the hot air coming out from the surface of the keyboard can hit the LCD. This is what is harmful to the health of laptop LCD screen users.

Do not Often Wear a Laptop to Play a Heavy Game

Buying a special gaming laptop may require users to set up costs that are not small. Gamers can be forced to play heavy games like GTA V on a laptop with a medium specification. However, playing heavy games on this laptop has the potential to cause the device to overheat and feared to damage the laptop battery.

Uninstall Program

Hard drives with overcrowded files can slow down the system on the computer. Eliminating unnecessary software or games is expected to make the device work more smoothly.

Pay attention to Ventilation

An inadequate ventilation gap may result in overheating of the laptop device. Keep the distance of the laptop with a wall of at least 40 cm. Better still if you install the air conditioner or AC so it is expected to reduce excessive heat on the laptop.

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