What to do if the monitor remains black, even though the computer is running

What to do if the monitor remains black, even though the computer is running

More annoying:  computer is running but the monitor shows nothing. What can you do in this case

If the monitor remains dark, even though the PC is running, there are two possible causes: The lines to the screen something is wrong, or the PC is completely blocked. It is important first of all if the problem really affects only the monitor itself. Direct your attention about the computer. Power of the usual noises, such as the start-up of the disk followed by the faint squeaking at each access? If all LEDs on the monitor active, as usual?

PC is running, monitor remains black

Burns the indicator light?

Burns the indicator light is not on dark screen, the solution is obvious: The device is not receiving power. Check the power supply and check to see if all the connectors are plugged. Optionally, you can try it with a second power cord. Sitting all these lines, it may be added that a fuse has blown in the monitor. This is no longer the case for the first responders – the monitor must in the workshop. Try to make no means inside the screen itself repairs!

If the light glows and the focusing screen is matte, the signal does not come through the PC. This may be due to loose connections. Check to see if the connectors are properly monitor and graphics card. A pure visual inspection is not enough here, by the way.

Check definitely hand the tightness of the adapter. Bucking Also once at the lines. Then, when the image flickers briefly, it is likely to be a loose connection. In this case, you should replace the lines.

Tip: This morning again what learned: If the PC after switching displays the login screen and no mouse or keyboard function, then may be to blame a rampaging USB stick.

Stick withdrawn and everything is working again.

The check if the computer is operating normally

Has behave as your computer, as elsewhere always after switching on, the problem probably lies somewhere between graphics card and monitor.

Try to bring up the onscreen menu. Does it respond, the monitor itself is probably not broken. If you are already in the menu, select all input variants by (Source menu item or separate the same button). You may be connected only to an incorrect input, or about HDMI with plugged DVI cable.

Explore both ends of the cord: If the connectors are properly inserted securely and backed up by the thumbscrews?

Have you checked all this without finding comes as the cause nor the monitor itself or the cable as the cause in question. Plug to test it with another cable and another monitor.

Does it not, perhaps broken the graphics card. You can only try by expansion and replacement with another card.

Is it the graphics card?

If not help, even these measures, open the PC and check if the video card is properly seated. Try to gently press the card into its holder, but by no means turn to violence!

now If still nothing works, the cause may be improperly installed or improperly fixed RAM chips. Press the memory modules gently into your brackets and check the memory chips are properly seated in their holders.

The check if the computer is running atypically

Does the computer fails or responds differently than usual, is that the problem with the black screen there earlier.

As with the monitor then check first whether the power supply is working properly: It is located at outlet really current and the power cord is properly plugged into the computer? If the switch on the power supply in the working position ( “1” or “On”).

Is it a computer is a laptop, set it back completely. These remove the power plug and the battery and wait about 10 seconds before using both power sources again. a faulty operating status can be sustained because solely by the battery, which prevents the boot.

Many computers first try to boot via a medium such as CD / DVD, USB flash drive or floppy disk. While there is this almost always a message on the screen as “Insert boot media and press any key”, but also in completely bare Monitor can such a medium the culprit be. Remove about all media from the system.

When you first turn you might not have followed what happened at the monitor. Press again why the reset button or just turn off the power. Logs on after at least the BIOS and the screen turns black later, the problem happened probably at startup. Then for example, could be an error in the operating system.

With Windows versions prior to Windows 7 you might try in this case, to start in Safe Mode to get the error on the ropes.

In Windows 7 there is another way to solve such problems start.

If all that does not work, see this tip even further checklist for problems with your hardware.

Checklist: monitor not working

Here again briefly summarized: If the monitor does not work, you should exclude the following problem sources before you think of a defect:

If the screen is turned on and properly connected to the power grid?
selected Wrong connection. If the monitor BNC and D15 terminals, you have to turn it on each of the right terminal. There are usually a switch on the front.
Cable loose. Will always gladly taken. In any case, once again check all connections.
Cable defective. Can also happen.
If at least a BIOS screen appears, it is usually due to the wrong resolution on Windows. Press In this case, when booting [F8] and boot up Windows in VGA mode. Then change the resolution.
Graphics card is bad. Optionally, press firmly.

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