Windows 10: Microsoft does not want to change its privacy settings

Windows 10: Microsoft does not want to change its privacy settings

Privacy settings of Windows 10 are in the heart of a huge controversy and although Microsoft has tried to calm things, bad returns keep coming. Forbes magazine announced that updates would be deployed to stop this telemetry that ZDnet denies.

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Remember there a few days ago, we saw that Windows 10 was connecting your knowledge with Microsoft servers . We still have no information regarding the nature of the data transmitted to the firm. The US magazine Forbes announced that the giant promised the arrival of settings to completely disable this telemetry. Forbes added:

“While this may change in the future, the full telemetry control is provided only for Windows 10 Enterprise. This means that users of Windows 10 Home and Pro, typically consumers and small businesses will still need to cede control. Whether you like it or not, Microsoft states this in the EULA for Windows 10″.

Windows 10 comes with many non-modifiable telemetry. The advance for the Enterprise version is not new. Terry Myerson said in September 2015 that it was intended to offer users more control over the data that is received by the Windows 10 operating system.

He said, however it is not recommended to disable them because they serve to improve the OS, he said. A statement which may be understandable, but that did not stop all Windows versions to be affected by a security breach .

Conversely ZDnet ad saying that there is no expected change, although they speak of the consumer version and so far, we discussed the Enterprise version. Telemetry seems to be one of the balls of this system, in addition to the sometimes hazardous confidentiality.

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