Windows 10: These seven new keyboard shortcuts you should know

Windows 10: These seven new keyboard shortcuts you should know

New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a lot of new keyboard shortcuts. This post presents them at a glance.

Windows 10 has learned something over its predecessors and now supports new keyboard shortcuts, so you can reach certain functions faster.

New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Show all windows at a glance

When you press the Windows key together with the tab key, you get the same view as the Task View button to the right of the search box.

Windows clustered here side by side all running programs. Do you want to switch to a certain program, click it simple. This function is an alternative to switching via [Alt – Tab] or the icons of the taskbar.

But the task view can do even more: If you move your mouse over a thumbnail window appears right above an X icon. If you click it, the associated program is terminated. Thus, the function is well suited to make too many open windows clean sweep.

Fast access to search

The Search Box is indeed now become an integral part of the taskbar. As an alternative to clicking with the mouse you come here by the abbreviation – into [Win S].

Is Cortana activated, then you can reach by [Win – Q] search by voice.

See News

The idea to gather all notifications and to present the main switch is, of course, on loan from smartphone and tablet. The Info Center, which is accessed with the balloon icons from the taskbar right, but is also quite handy on the desktop.

Do you want to save the locations and clicking with the mouse, just press the combination [Win – A] and the window appears the same. Mnemonic: A like ‘News’.

start forwarding

Once copied from the mobile phone: you can use the key combination – give the next, which can be seen in the current window just [Win H].

In what form that happens depends on the document type and the installed apps.

Standard is the transmission as a screenshot. The figure shows that a selection of the types of transmission appears after pressing the keys. If you might lack the Dropbox option. On our test system, this program was also installed.

The new browser Edge has with – more than just the screenshot variant to offer [Win H]. You can see that that the second line provides a menu of choices.

A new addition here is the entry with the Edge icon. He causes a portion of the content and a link will be generated on the site currently displayed.

New keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

record programs

Actually the games bar is intended to make the gameplay pictures and videos to you to share with others. The recording is not limited to games, but works with all programs.

Press the key combination [Win – G] and confirm or otherwise that it is a game with the current application.

Now the games bar appears.

Do you want to start a video recording now, press the red Record button (or [Win – Alt – R]). After stopping a mouse click or again [Win – Alt – R] You will find the video in the Videos folder \ records in your personal space.

The background note has to be activated first. The system continuously records. Is then the game something cool happens, click the button (or [Win – Alt – G]) and the last 30 seconds of gameplay will be saved as a video.

open settings

A worthy successor to the Control attractively designed window acts settings.

As key alternative to the icon in the start menu can be done using the combination [Win – I].

build wireless connections

The menu is Connect for use on mobile computers thought that contact with wirelessly connected monitors and audio devices studied.

So if you want to communicate via Bluetooth & Co, then press the key combination [Win – K].

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