Windows 8 and 10: lock screen bypass instantly view Login

Windows 8 and 10: lock screen bypass instantly view Login

So skip Windows 8 and 10 the lock screen and directly shows the Log on

The lock screen, the Windows brings after switching from version 8 is annoying. Read how to prevent its display.

For desktop users to Windows have taken 8 and 10, some bonds of tablet systems that are annoying.

So you can, for example, after power-up or shutting off the computer using [Win + L] not directly type your login information, but must first overcome by wiping or the key input to the lock screen.

lock screen bypass

User-friendly version: None

A setting in the Control Panel for the elimination of the lock screen, you will look in vain. Because Microsoft has no plans to disable this annoying screen easily.

To get out after activating the computer directly to the login You must make an entry in the registry instead.

To get rid of the lock screen

Start the registry editor, for example, through the Run dialog (shortcut key [Win + R]) followed by the command “regedit”.

In the registry, go to the main branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click there until to this item by


There is a sub entry called “Personalization” is used, which is not present by default.

To create it, click with the right mouse button on the “Windows”, select the New menu – key and enter the entry name “Personalization“.


After confirming you have left creates a new sub-item. Click this turn right and select New – DWORD Value.

The new value appears in the right pane with the default name “New Value # 1”.

Click the line with the left mouse button to select it and modify by [F2] its name to “NoLockScreen”.

Then double-click the entry, or use the Enter key and set its value to “1”.

The relevant area of the registry should look like this:


To check whether the entry affects

The just ran Registry modification is effective immediately and without rebooting.

To check if it worked, simply press the key combination [Win + L], which closes the computer. Then should not the lock screen will appear, but immediately the login screen, as shown here:


Just right of the login should appear the next time you start your computer.

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