Xiaomi Redmi 3 vs. LG K10 Underdogs Ready for Battle against South Korean Giants

Xiaomi Redmi 3 vs. LG K10 Underdogs Ready for Battle against South Korean Giants

Xiaomi Redmi 3 vs. LG K10 Underdogs Ready for Battle against South Korean Giants

Established smartphone maker LG is determined not to let its grip in the entry-level segment go away.

Even though they have been coming up with some fabulous launches in the higher end of the segment, the LG K10 once again demonstrates the importance that is given by LG for this segment.


Gone are the days when entry-level smartphones used to be bulky and cumbersome to handle. The Redmi 3 is an example of impeccable design coming together in a great package. The phone may look similar to the latest generation iPhones in some regards, but one can overlook that fact knowing that they are getting a great device. The LG K10 is a departure from the traditional LG designs of high-end smartphones. This may have been deliberately done in order to provide some differentiation between the two.


Being entry-level devices, it is not surprising to know that these phones only have a 720p display on offer. Even then, the LG K10 manages to pack quite a punch because of its 5.3 inch screen. The Redmi 3 has a slightly smaller 5 inch display. It may lose out in terms of the display size war, but it makes up for it by having a marginal advantage in terms of pixel density.

Camera Megapixels

This is fast turning out into an element when making the decision to buy a phone. For this reason, smartphone manufacturers are equipping even entry-level smartphones with incredible levels of sophistication in the cameras. This is true of the Redmi 3, which has a 13 megapixel rear camera in addition to the front camera of five megapixels. The LG K10 will also have similar specifications in terms of the rear camera, but only when the buyer chooses the LTE model. The device with only 3G connectivity has an inferior eight megapixel camera.

This is the story in the front side of the device where one will get a five or eight megapixel front camera depending on the connectivity option in the device.

Both phones are brand-new to the smartphone segment and are already generating quite a lot of interest due to the attractive pricetags. The LG K10 is expected to cost around $190 while the Redmi 3 is surprisingly cheap in the Chinese markets at around $120. However, there will be an increase in price in the US markets.

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