HD Receiver Pay TV Smartcard Splitter

Smartcard Splitter

HD Receiver Pay TV Smartcard Splitter, To HD Receiver Pay TV through out the entire house, there were up until now only three more or less practical solutions: you either ran coax cable to every room in the house and built up your own cable satellite tv network or you used transmitters to distribute the […]

Direct TV Satellite Dish Antenna System

Direct TV

Direct TV Satellite Dish Antenna System ,One of the biggest names in the industry when it comes to multiswitches would undoubtedly have to be SPAUN. The was founded back in October of 1969 and began by manufacturing OEM terrestrial antenna products. In 1991 they began distributing products under their own name and shortly after that introduced […]

HD Receiver NanoXX Firmware

NanoXX Firmware

HD Receiver NanoXX Firmware  It is recommended to make a factory reset after upgrading firmware. A factory reset will erase all your personal settings and your channel list. If you like to recover your HD Receiver satellite TV systems settings and channel list please follow instructions below. If you just bought a new unit than […]

Satellite Receiver Opensat Firmware

Opensat Firmware

Satellite Receiver Opensat Firmware The RS-232 interface can be used to update the operating software or to install a new Satellite TV Receiver channels list.To this end, OPENSAT software provides a dedicated editor for PC which is even SatcoDX compatible and consequently can be used to provide up-to-the-minute channel and transponder data to the hdtv receiver […]

Satellite TV FTA Receiver Starsat SR-X2500CUCI

Starsat SR-X2500CUCI

Satellite TV FTA Receiver Starsat SR-X2500CUCI Like they often say, even a good chef can ruin his first pancake.The same might be also true with Starsat satellite tv receiver manufacturers. It takes an enormous work to create a perfect receiver that everyone would be truly satisfied with.And we’re not only talking about hardware engineers nowadays, in […]

HD Satellite TV Receiver RELOOK 400S PVR


HD Satellite TV Receiver RELOOK 400S PVR HD Satellite TV Receiver RELOOK 400S PVR Linux OS, Twin Tuner PVR The Sky is the Limit! This latest model from the well known Korean manufacturer DGStation , the Relook 400S has been introduced to the market very recently and has also arrived at the test labs of  Tele […]

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